Going down the sustainable transport road

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Describing what we mean by sustainable transport is a challenge. Sometimes it is easier to describe what it is not.
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For example, streams of motionless cars onjam-packed roads withvehicles spewing emissions andpollution is not sustainable.

Of course, we have the opposite problem in rural and regional areas where there can be large sections of road with very few vehicles on it, making the cost of transporting goods to relatively small populations expensive, and not particularly sustainable in economic terms.

To some degree the problem in a country like Australia is that we have developed transport systems largely around the individual.

As has been demonstrated, a transportation infrastructure based around individuals in automobiles contributes toglobal warming, pollution, health problems and energy insecurity.

Conversely, the idea behind a green transportation infrastructure is one that provides opportunities for people to get around their communities using their own power – such as walking or biking – or by other more environmentally-sensitive means, like trains or buses.

A truly green infrastructure is one that residents enjoy, provides durable and inexpensive mobility and addresses the underlying conditions from which our energy crises arise.

In short, sustainable transport infrastructure by nature means a greater focus on a public transport system that serves the public well.

Recently we have also seen developments like solar roads,a modular system of specially-engineered solar panels that can be walked and driven upon.

The panels contain LED lights to create lines and signage without paint, heating elements to prevent snow and ice accumulation and microprocessorswhich allowthe panels to communicate with each other, a central control station, and vehicles.

The panels are made of glass …but not ordinary glass, they are made of specifically-formulated tempered glass, which can support the weight of semi-trailers.

Like many other parts of our lives we are bound to see technology and sustainability play a much larger role in our transport system.

La Vergne Lehmann, Grampians Central West Waste & Resource Recovery Group

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