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Jesus was the ultimate fisherman

20/06/2019 Posted by admin

As my wife and I settle into life in the Wimmera, we can’t help but notice that fishing is a favourite leisure-time activity.
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This area is home base for so many ‘tinnies’ – of various sizes and specifications. Being a ‘mad keen fisherman,’ I applaud and fully agree, fishing is fabulous.That is not to say I am any good at fishing: it seems fish and I have an arrangement that they are never where I am, and I am never where they are biting.

Regardless of my lack of success, I still love the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and ‘drop a line’ somewhere.

The Bible tells us of a special fisherman, Jesus Christ.

For a man who grew up in dusty Palestine and trained as a carpenter, Jesus was an extraordinary fisherman. Matthew and Mark’s Gospels both tell of a very successful fishing trip he went on, a trip that he is still on to this day.

I want to share with you a story about the ones that did not get away.

At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, he was walking along the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee when he spotted two brothers, Andrew and Simon Peter out fishing. He boldly said to them; “Follow me and I will make you fish for people”.

That command might sound weird to our ears but the brother’s response was simply amazing. They obeyed and immediately followed. No stalling, no umming or ahhhing;these brothers simply dropped their nets and followed.

And further along the shoreline Jesus did the same thing to another pair of brothers, James and John with the same result: Jesus calledthem, and they immediately dropped what they were doing and followed.

Wow! That’s some fishing technique, because this was even before the four had seen Jesus at work healing, preaching and performing miracles all over the countryside.

What it demonstrates is that, if and when Jesus calls you to follow, He does not miss and He will not give in till you are caught, until you follow Him.

Pastor Geoff Schefe, minister at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,Horsham writes on behalf of the Horsham Christian Ministers Association. This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Service comes to end

20/06/2019 Posted by admin

PROUD: Palliative Care Tasmania program manager for Northern Tasmania Sharon King says she is proud of what the organisation has achieved. Picture: Tamara McDonaldAfter months of fighting to secure funding failed, Palliative Care Tasmania will cease services ina matter of weeks.
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The four remaining staff members’ contracts will end in coming weeks.PCT general manager Colleen Johnstone will be the last to leave, and will finish up on February 15.

The service provides end of life education to Tasmanians statewide, and gages community concern about end of life care.

Program manager for Northern TasmaniaSharon King, whose role covers the North and North-West, said discovering different cultures’ and religions’ customs was enlightening.

Ms King started work with PCT about two years ago, beginning her role with experience as an allied health professional. Educating vulnerable communities has been particularly rewarding, shesaid.

“People like in the LGBTI community, there’s specific considerations we might need to take a look at, suchas estranged families [that] can cause alot of anxiety at end of life,” shesaid.

Ms King said Tasmania’s communities were incredibly diverse and had different needs. PCT consultationled to providing services ranging from palliative care beds atGeorge Town to art therapy atDeloraine, she said.She said there was anxiety within the sector about who would fill the gap, and still community confusionabout the definition of palliative care.

Ms King said PCT was “quietly confident” that a state parliamentary inquiry into palliative carewould put forward positive recommendations for PCT. She said she hoped to keep the door open to be able to continue educating in palliative care.

“I think we’re really proud of what we have achieved, and we’re just disappointed and sad to see this ending,” she said.

But Ms King said without her “great manager” Ms Johnstone’s persistence, the service would have had to wrap up in June.

PCT acquired federal governmentfunding as part of the Better Access to Palliative Care funding from June 2012. Funding was due to end inJune 2016 but was extended to September lastyear.PCT then worked on short-term projectsand hasapproached the state government forfunding. A state government spokeswoman said the state government had “worked constructively” with PCT since their federal funding ended andwould “continue to investigate opportunities” to support them.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Rich indigenous cultural heritage in the Upper Hunter

20/06/2019 Posted by admin

LOCAL aboriginal artists and arts organisations are encouraged to apply for NSW Government funding to support their projects.
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Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen said the NSW Aboriginal Regional Arts Fund was for projects in remote and regional NSW that encourage Aboriginal people to explore and express their cultural identities.

“I urge all our local Aboriginal artists and arts organisations to apply for this funding, which will allow them to share their stories and skills with their communities,” he said.

“This is well-targeted support to build the skills, capacity and professional development of Aboriginal artists and arts organisations as well as create a diversity of stories and contemporary artworks which speak to local communities.”

The NSW Aboriginal Regional Arts Fund offers up to $5000 for individual professional artists and up to $20,000 for organisations.

Mr Johnsen said the NSW Government was proud to support a vibrant, distinctive and contemporary Aboriginal arts and culture across NSW.

The fund supports projects that:

* Enable Aboriginal communities in regional NSW to explore and express their cultural identities;

* Engage and promote regional Aboriginal artists, arts and culture in NSW;

* Encourage people to engage with Aboriginal arts and cultures;

* Build the capacity and sustainability of Aboriginal arts organisations in regional NSW; and

* Increase skills development opportunities for Aboriginal artists in regional NSW.

“Last year the fund supported 15 striking projects including painting, carving and fibre workshops across the state,” Mr Johnsen said.

“With our rich indigenous cultural heritage here in the Upper Hunter, I strongly encourage our local artists and art societies to apply for this funding, and highlight our wonderful, contemporary indigenous art.”

Applications close on February 27.

For more information, visit 梧桐夜网arts.nsw.gov419论坛

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Air route open for new players

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Creating competition: NSW Minister for Transport Andrew Constance at a sod turning ceremony at Merimbula Airport where he announced the deregulation of the Merimbula – Sydney route. Themonopoly enjoyed by Regional Express (Rex) on its Merimbula to Sydney route will be removed in the coming weeks.
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Member for Bega and NSW Minister for TransportAndrew Constance announced Monday he will be signing the paperwork later this week to allow for more competition on the 35,000 passenger a year route.

Mr Constancefirst expressed his intentions to deregulate the route in December 2015and said he has been working hard for the past year to make it happen.

“It’s important for people to understand in terms of deregulation, what it does is drive down the cost of business for the regional airlines, and often in reducing their red tape it should mean a flow on to customers,” Mr Constance said.

“At the same time a bit of competition is a healthy thing and with the enormous opportunities out of Canberra’s international airlines, linkages in terms of regional air services will become increasingly of greater demand for our visitor economy as well.”

As part of his plans for regional airports Mr Constance is also calling on the federal government to amend the Sydney Airport Management Act to allow more regional flights into Kingsford Smith.

“There is no reason why they can’t lift the cap to exclusively provide more slots for regional airlines. That enables the regional airlines to better use their existing fleet, it enables regional airlines to fly to better timetables and it doesn’t have any impact to any of those communities under flight paths,” he said.

Mr Constance said he has already met with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and is hoping to meet withShadow Minister for Transport and InfrastructureAnthony Albanese to ensure there is bipartisan support for his plan to see thecap lifted from 80 to 85.

“My message to Canberra is we can’t wait, we need the slots now,” he said.“With the state investing tens of millions of dollars in the infrastructure…Canberra needs to come to the party and open those opportunities.”

When questioned about whether there are any plans to allow for Canberra to Merimbula flights, Mr Constance remained positive.

“I’ve already had one local operatortalk to me about flights to Canberra. Ultimately it will be up to the market to determine that, if the demand is there why wouldn’t you take a potentially 25 minute flight across the escarpment down to this beautiful part of the globe?” Mr Constance said.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Call for fast action after blackout

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Concerned: Residents who live in the Lakeside Woods Estate at Lake Cathie said they are fed up with having a third world power supply. They want Essential Energy to act more efficiently.Lake Cathie residents are voicing their concerns after they were left without electricity, internet or phone services for up to 30 hours over the weekend.
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About 1000 Lake Cathie customers were affected by an unplanned power outage at about 2pm on January 14 after a storm.

Essential Energy North Coast community relations manager Rachel Hussell said power was restored to all but 161 customers later that night.

A generator was sourced to restore power to the 161 customers on January 15 and the last customers were connectedat 9.30pm.

Julia and Charles Watkins live on Shearwater Court said that they are disappointed with the amount of time it took for Essential Energy to respond to the incident.

The couple’s house normally runs off solar power and they are concerned they will be issued with a large bill to pay for the electricitythey are using, due to a generator provided by Essential Energy.

Rod Streeter lives on Lakeside Way and said his family is often required to carry around torches and candles.

The residents said they want to be better informed if there is a power outage.

One resident said many residents weren’tnotified.They said without phone coverage they are literally being ‘left in the dark’ about the situation.

Mr Streeter’s wife Deb runs a business from home and relies on access to internet and power to operate. Mrs Streeter said that she is potentially losing thousands of dollars due to thelack of essential services.

Rachel Hussell said Essential Energy crews responded immediately on January 14 and located an underground fault.

As a general rule, shesaid, it is not Essential Energy’s policy to supply alternative generation during an outage.

“The company encourages all customers to have a contingency plan for when the power does goes out, either during a storm or for planned work,” she said.

Essential Energy crews are continuing with repairs.

Ms Hussell said extra testing of the underground cable is being undertaken to reduce the risk of further disruptions to the power supply.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Farmers fight back on defence land grab

20/05/2019 Posted by admin

AgForce President Grant Maudsley (left), Charters Towers’ grazier John Brownson who is in the firing line of the defence land grab in his home region and National Farmers’ Federation CEO Tony Mahar.
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FARMERS are making Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce acutely aware of the deep anger and anxiety brewing amongst rank and file members opposing the government’s compulsory acquisition of farms in North Queensland.

On Tuesday, National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) CEO Tony Mahar met in Charters Towers with a troupe of disgruntled farmers and farm business operators, directly impacted by the controversial land grab.

Along with Queensland’s AgForce, the NFF now aims to write a letter of declaration to the government’s senior commanders, warning them of the take-over proposal’s potential to set a conflicting and inconsistent precedent for national land use policy.

The Department of Defence (ADF) is planning to use the acquired land to expand military training operations for Singaporean soldiers as part of the $2.5 billion Australia-Singapore Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

But in gathering forces to fight back, the NFF says the government’s looming invasion of valuable cattle grazing and farming country, to serve the Australian Defence Force’s needs, must be halted.

The peak national lobby group says the move impacts multiple farm landholders but undermines other critical national interest tasks like feeding the nation and fuelling the national economy, with agriculture forecast to increase 6.1 per cent this financial year to $60.2 billion.

Mr Mahar said the private meeting, comprising over 40 concerned stakeholders and landowners, confirmed in his mind the serious concern that currently exists in and around Charters Towers, about the government’s plan to acquire local farms by stealth.

“We were able to hear firsthand about the anxiety and the period of uncertainty these people are facing but also to get out in the paddock and see some of the country directly and this is productive farm land – this is not scrub country,” he said.

“This is productive agricultural land that’s possibly going to be compulsory acquired – about 300,000 hectares overall – and that would be a sad day for Australian agriculture.

“This is land that would be sacrificed to another industry but agriculture can make good use of this land which is good for fattening cattle and it would be a real shame if it were to be lost to agriculture.

“I thought it was really important the NFF was part of the discussion and demonstrated that we’re here to support and to help and understand what the views are and advocate for the best outcome for the farmers in this region but also farmers throughout Australia.

“It’s really concerning that this could set a precedent that would go across farming regions all over the country.”

Mr Mahar said the meeting was attended by supply chain participants like transporters with a direct interest in agriculture who relied on the industry’s continued existence and viability of agriculture.

He said the NFF would now work with AgForce and a Charters Towers steering committee and similar groups in other regions, to ensure they advocated and communicated to decision-makers the depth of feeling that exists over the issue.

Their first stop in pursuing an agenda that prioritises farmers’ best interests was a meeting in Brisbane this morning, with the office of Defence Minister Marise Payne.

Mr Mahar said a jointly-signed letter would also be sent to the Mr Turnbull, the Deputy PM Mr Joyce – also the Agriculture and Water Resources Minister – and the Defence Minister, letting them know the intensity of feeling among farmers in the Charters Towers region and at other locations around central Queensland.

“The main point is that compulsory acquisition is off the table,” he said.

Mr Mahar said the government had proposed to investigate purchasing farm properties and compensation was an option but compulsory acquisition was farmers’ prime concern right now.

“What we heard at the meeting is that people have been farming in this region for 100 years and they’re not interested in leaving,” he said.

“It’s still a proposal and the Defence Department will say that this is just the very start of the process but we have some concerns around how the process was started and whether it’s actually a consultation process for compensation or a consultation process for the project to go ahead.

“We want to get in right from the word go and make sure the federal government is really clear on what farmers and land owners think and understand the implications.

“This has ramifications not only for the Charters Towers area and this whole supply chain but if this goes ahead it also sets a really bad precedent for farmers.”

Mr Mahar said farmers already faced land-use threats from urban expansion, extractive industries, native vegetation and national parks and now the challenge of compulsory acquisition of farmland for defence purposes.

“This does not send a good message about where agriculture fits into the national economy,” he said.

“We need to have that discussion; where is agriculture in land use?

“At the moment there’s a confusing message.

“The government is saying agriculture’s a pillar of the economy and we agree with that but if they go through with this compulsory acquisition of farmland, it creates a confusing message; not only to farmers but the public.”

Mr Mahar said the issue also fed into existing community concerns and fears about farmers being unable to deny mining companies access to their private properties for extractive purposes like Coal Seam Gas.

“It’s all part of that policy discussion around strategic land use and where agriculture fits into that discussion and the need for clear government strategy,” he said.

NFF has said it understands Northern Australia Minister Matthew Canavan told a meeting in Marlborough on Monday an impact study into the proposal was underway, by KPMG.

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Indian team win with mercy ruling

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BATTLE: Peter Pietuch bats for Tigers in their B Grade game Indians.Sunday’s softball gamesaw Indians verse Road Runners, Road Runners Olivia Watson pitching to Kayleen Graham.
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IndiansBec Andersson, Chloe Conyard and Margaret Mcintosh all hadsafe hits, Ruby Mislov and Kayleen Graham had a double play.

Road Runners Maggie Payne, Aimee Watson and Sam Watson also had safe hits, Indians Margaret Mcintosh pitching to Bec Andersson.

Road Runners Olivia Watson, Ruby Mislov and Sam Watson got four across andwon 8-4.

Shout outs, Indians, Madi Conyard and Bec Andersson, Road Runners, Aimee Watson and Ruby Mislov.

Safe Hits, Road Runners, M Payne 1, A Watson 2, K Graham 1, O Watson 1, S Hoake 1 andR Mislov 1, catches, A Watson 1, S Watson 1, R Mislov 3.

Indians safe hits, C Conyard 1, MMcintosh 2, BAndersson 2, JKneebone 1, DSullivan 1, catches, M Mcintosh 1 and MConyard 1, pitching MMcintosh 2 K2’s.

The second game saw Tigers verse Spears, Spears Sharona Dodd pitching to Kelly Abdullah and Tigers Jeanne Mcintosh pitching to Joan Shea.

Both sides scored two runs in the first, Tigers made five in the second with double plays by Tanya Mcintosh and Katherine Wilson.

Spears Daralee had a three base hit bringing in three runsbutTigers were still ahead and won 9-7.

Shout outs, Spears, Tineale Colson and Kayla Lindsay, Tigers, Rebecca Birrell and Verena Kiselitza.

Safe Hits from the Spears, K Abdullah 1, T Colson 2 and K Lindsay 2, catches, Z Wingfield 1, T Colson 3.

Tigers safe hits, R Birrell 1, K Wilson 3, T Mcintosh 2, J Shea 2, V Kiselitza 1, J Mcintosh 2 and JWilson 1, catches, JWilson 1, RBirrell 1, TMcintosh 1 and KWilson 2.

The first baseball game was Indians versing Tigers, Indians Mick Gibbs pitching to Willy Gibbs and Tigers Keith Daniel pitching to Damien Pietuch.

Tigers scored 14 in the first to Indians three and nice hitting by Peter Pietuch, Shane Stephens and Michael Peters saw Tigers get 10 in the second, Indians scored four but Tigers took the win 24-7.

Shout out, Tigers, Peter Pietuch and Alex Guimelli, Indians, Steven Welgraven and Bec Andersson.

Safe hits Tigers, PPietuch 2, S Stephens 3, MPeters 3, SLockhart 2, AGuimelli 1, DPietuch 1, JShea 1 and KDaniel 1, pitching,KDaniel 3 K2’s, Indians, WGibbs 1 and SWelgraven 1.

The A Grade game saw Indians versing Tigers.

Indians Phil Hillman pitching to Tyler Welgraven andTigers Daniel Vines pitching to Damien Pietuch.

Tigers struggled to score in the first while Indians scored 20 with hits by Dale Kenyon, Tyler Welgraven and Brandon Gibbs, Tigers did not score before the mercy rule saw Indians win 20-0.

Shout outs, Indians, Brandon Gibbs and Tyler Welgraven, Tigers, Damien Pietuch and Michael Peters.

Safe hits, Indians, DKenyon 3, JDunbar 2, SWelgraven 1, BGibbs 2, TWelgraven 2, WGibbs 1 andJ Mathews 1, catches, LBlayney 1, pitching, PHillman 2 K2’s, Tigers, catches, PPietuch 1, pitching, DVines 1 K2.

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Main Round university offers to be released

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READY TO STUDY: Main round university offers come out at 6pm.MORE than 50,000 hopeful university applicants will find out tonight if they have received a MainRound offer for study in 2017. UAC’s participating institutions have made 44,190 Main Round offers,very similar to last year when 44,344 offers were made.
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Applicants will be able to log in to UAC’s website or My UAC at 6pm on Wednesday 18 January toview their offers. Offer letters will be available for download from 7.30am on Thursday 19 January.

UAC General Manager of Marketing and Engagement, Kim Paino, said the Main Round was still UAC’slargest offer round, and the end of an anxious wait for many students.

‘While lots of students will have received an early offer, which certainly takes the pressure off, for manythe Main Round is all about the course they really want to get into,’ Ms Paino said.

Ms Paino says, ‘Even with this large number of offers, unfortunately not everyone will be happy after theMain Round. But for anyone who has missed out on an offer, or missed out on their favourite course,don’t be disheartened.’

‘There are several more offer rounds, and applicants have from 6 o’clock tonight until midnight nextWednesday 25 January to change preferences to be included in the next offer round on 1 February. And ifyou haven’t applied yet it’s not too late – applications are open until 10 February. Just check UAC’swebsite for more information.’

When Main Round offers are released, UAC will also release the cut-offs for entry into each course. It’simportant for applicants to remember that cut-offs are not ATARs, as they include bonus points, and thatmany students are admitted under schemes that consider factors other than the ATAR.

Ms Paino says that, while the cut-off is still a useful tool for Year 12 students, UAC and universities willbe working closely together this year to provide additional information to students. ‘UAC welcomesMinister Birmingham’s acceptance of the transparency recommendations from the Higher EducationStandards Panel and we’re looking forward to supplementing our existing information for students withmore detail in 2018.’

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New blackleg resistant genes in canola

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NSW Department of Primary Industries researchers, Drs Harsh and Rosy Raman with DPI technical officer Ollie Owen, inspect this season’s canola field trails prior to harvest. Photo: ContributedNSW Department of Primary Industry (DPI) scientists have found new canola genes for resistance to blackleg, the major disease threat to Australia’s canola industry.
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NSW DPI senior principal research scientist, Harsh Raman, said the study has unlocked the genetic make-up of canola to characterise major and minor genes resistant to the fungal pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans, which causes blackleg disease.

“Finding new sources of resistance, particularly resistance which is controlled by minor genes, is extremely important to the canola industry,” Dr Raman said.

“Blackleg disease can cause up to 80 per cent yield loss in canola – in Australia, France and Canada resistance has been broken down in some canola varieties due to the emergence of new races of the blackleg pathogen.

“Significantly for local canola growers, the study revealed new sources of blackleg resistance which were either resistant to the pathogen or had low levels of blackleg.”

Researchers used 18,804 DNA markers in a genome-wide association study to identify genes associated with both major and minor resistance in canola.

Several genes for resistance were mapped on the canola chromosome using molecular markers, which will assist the incorporation of a combination of genes to develop canola varieties with durable resistance to battle blackleg attack.

Researchers used different races of blackleg fungus collected across Australian canola growing sites and infected 180 varieties of canola to deliver a comprehensive evaluation.

New sources of resistance were identified at the DPI Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, where researchers screened the canola lines using known races of blackleg fungus under glasshouse conditions.

NSW DPI, in collaboration with Marcroft Grains Pathology and the Victorian DPI, has now validated the presence of new genes in a number of canola varieties.

The blackleg resistance research project was supported by the NSW, Victorian and Australian governments and Grains Research and Development Corporation.

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WA Brekkie BlogWednesday, January 18, 2017

20/04/2019 Posted by admin

Good morning! Here areyour headlines from around regional Australia and beyond. Scroll down and refresh for weather, road reports and more.
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The kitten was rescued from the Eelup roundabout on Friday.

BUNBURY:A kitten is lucky to be alive after it was thrown from a moving vehicle and an Eaton vet fears a second cat admitted the same day could bea victim of the same perpetrator. Read more.

MANDURAH:A Mandurah man accused of accessing child pornography online is likely to face trial in a Perth court later this year. Read more.

BUSSELTON:The union supporting staff at the Busselton Health Campus, United Voice, have slammed the working conditions for hospital staff. Read more.

WA:The Liberal government have pledged to introducelegislation to scrap the time limit for child sex abuse victims to sue their attackers if re-elected in the state general electionon March 11. Read more.

State of the nationNeed a national news snapshot first thing –well, we have you covered.

Regional news►WANGARATTA, VIC:Thedeath of a Wangaratta woman killed while walking across a pedestrian crossing will leave a hole in many lives, say those closest to her. Married mother-of-three Roberta Brown, 53, was hit by a truck while walking her on.

The death of Roberta “Bobbie” Brown will leave a gap in many people’s lives, according to those closest to her. Mrs Brown died after being run over in Wangaratta.

►GREAT LAKES, NSW:Shucks, it’s an oysterharvest high on the Mid North Coast. With the Pacific Oysterindustry in Tasmania hard hit bydisease, it has createdan opportunity forMid North Coast’s Sydney Rock Oysters to gain astronger foothold in the market…full story.

► QUEANBEYAN, NSW: It’s the stuff of dreams – being paid by a global sportswearbrand to travel the world anddo what you love, day in and day out. And pro skater Jack Fardellis living it…read about his journey here.

Queanbeyan skateboader Jack Fardell will be going pro in the United States. Photo Elesa Kurtz

►TASMANIA: Police areweighing up an historic apology to child-sex abuse victims in institutionalised care whose cries for help were initially not believed by officers…read on.

National news► Australia’s most dangerous venomous creature is not a snake or a spider, nor even a jellyfish. It’s the bee and other stinging insects that pose the biggest public health threat, according to an analysis of more than a decade of Australian bites and stings.

Spiders such as the Sydney funnel web spider have caused no deaths in the survey period. Photo: Ben Rushton

►More than half of Australia’s young adults have done unpaid work as part of an internship or a job trial, raising questions about the need for greater regulation of unpaid work to prevent exploitation, a landmark national study has found…full story here.

Frances Johns worked an 8½ hour shift in the hope of getting a permanent job. Photo: Janie Barrett

► A man has been charged following a fatal crash at Hallidays Point near Taree on Tuesday. At about5.45pm, a 60-year-old man was riding a BMW motorcycle east along Blackhead Road and collided with a four wheel drive…read more.

National weather radarInternational news► BALI:A hotel security guard has claimed he witnessed Byron Bay murder suspect Sara Connor with her hand around the neck of a Balinese police officer who was later found dead on Kuta beach…full story here.

Pullman Hotel security guard Suryana (in blue shirt) plays Sara Connor in a reenactment at Denpasar District Court on Tuesday. Photo: Amilia Rosa.

►PHILIPPINES: Donald Trump’s conflict of interest risk is on glittering display in the Philippines atManila’s newest sky-scraper which soars 57 storeys above the sprawling city’s financial district of Makati…full story here.

US President-elect Donald Trump: some analysts worry the Trump-Duterte relationship could be a disaster. Photo: Anthony Behar.

►LONDON: In a historic, detailed speech, Mrs May dashed the hopes of Remainers and delighted Brexiteers by setting out a vision of an independent UK – a “trading nation” that will look beyond Europe to “new friends and old allies”.

Australia’s high commissioner to the UK Alexander Downer said it was a “historic speech”.

Faces of Australia:Jill Brookes Dardanup Heritage Park owner Jill Brookes shows off the Brookes Transport exhibits in one of the display sheds.

It’s a classic labour of love for Jill Brookes, her dozen staff and her merry band of nearly 50 volunteers.

Jill is the owner and manager of Dardanup Heritage Park, built on 121ha (300ac) property south east of Bunbury and boasting 20 sheds.

‘The Park’boasts the largest collection of heritage items in the Southern Hemisphere, along with some of the best “re-builders” and “restorers” – usually retired cockies enjoying life in what, for them, is the best Men’s Shed going.

Read the full story here.