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WA Brekkie BlogWednesday, January 18, 2017

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Good morning! Here areyour headlines from around regional Australia and beyond. Scroll down and refresh for weather, road reports and more.

The kitten was rescued from the Eelup roundabout on Friday.

BUNBURY:A kitten is lucky to be alive after it was thrown from a moving vehicle and an Eaton vet fears a second cat admitted the same day could bea victim of the same perpetrator. Read more.

MANDURAH:A Mandurah man accused of accessing child pornography online is likely to face trial in a Perth court later this year. Read more.

BUSSELTON:The union supporting staff at the Busselton Health Campus, United Voice, have slammed the working conditions for hospital staff. Read more.

WA:The Liberal government have pledged to introducelegislation to scrap the time limit for child sex abuse victims to sue their attackers if re-elected in the state general electionon March 11. Read more.

State of the nationNeed a national news snapshot first thing –well, we have you covered.

Regional news►WANGARATTA, VIC:Thedeath of a Wangaratta woman killed while walking across a pedestrian crossing will leave a hole in many lives, say those closest to her. Married mother-of-three Roberta Brown, 53, was hit by a truck while walking her on.

The death of Roberta “Bobbie” Brown will leave a gap in many people’s lives, according to those closest to her. Mrs Brown died after being run over in Wangaratta.

►GREAT LAKES, NSW:Shucks, it’s an oysterharvest high on the Mid North Coast. With the Pacific Oysterindustry in Tasmania hard hit bydisease, it has createdan opportunity forMid North Coast’s Sydney Rock Oysters to gain astronger foothold in the market…full story.

► QUEANBEYAN, NSW: It’s the stuff of dreams – being paid by a global sportswearbrand to travel the world anddo what you love, day in and day out. And pro skater Jack Fardellis living it…read about his journey here.

Queanbeyan skateboader Jack Fardell will be going pro in the United States. Photo Elesa Kurtz

►TASMANIA: Police areweighing up an historic apology to child-sex abuse victims in institutionalised care whose cries for help were initially not believed by officers…read on.

National news► Australia’s most dangerous venomous creature is not a snake or a spider, nor even a jellyfish. It’s the bee and other stinging insects that pose the biggest public health threat, according to an analysis of more than a decade of Australian bites and stings.

Spiders such as the Sydney funnel web spider have caused no deaths in the survey period. Photo: Ben Rushton

►More than half of Australia’s young adults have done unpaid work as part of an internship or a job trial, raising questions about the need for greater regulation of unpaid work to prevent exploitation, a landmark national study has found…full story here.

Frances Johns worked an 8½ hour shift in the hope of getting a permanent job. Photo: Janie Barrett

► A man has been charged following a fatal crash at Hallidays Point near Taree on Tuesday. At about5.45pm, a 60-year-old man was riding a BMW motorcycle east along Blackhead Road and collided with a four wheel drive…read more.

National weather radarInternational news► BALI:A hotel security guard has claimed he witnessed Byron Bay murder suspect Sara Connor with her hand around the neck of a Balinese police officer who was later found dead on Kuta beach…full story here.

Pullman Hotel security guard Suryana (in blue shirt) plays Sara Connor in a reenactment at Denpasar District Court on Tuesday. Photo: Amilia Rosa.

►PHILIPPINES: Donald Trump’s conflict of interest risk is on glittering display in the Philippines atManila’s newest sky-scraper which soars 57 storeys above the sprawling city’s financial district of Makati…full story here.

US President-elect Donald Trump: some analysts worry the Trump-Duterte relationship could be a disaster. Photo: Anthony Behar.

►LONDON: In a historic, detailed speech, Mrs May dashed the hopes of Remainers and delighted Brexiteers by setting out a vision of an independent UK – a “trading nation” that will look beyond Europe to “new friends and old allies”.

Australia’s high commissioner to the UK Alexander Downer said it was a “historic speech”.

Faces of Australia:Jill Brookes Dardanup Heritage Park owner Jill Brookes shows off the Brookes Transport exhibits in one of the display sheds.

It’s a classic labour of love for Jill Brookes, her dozen staff and her merry band of nearly 50 volunteers.

Jill is the owner and manager of Dardanup Heritage Park, built on 121ha (300ac) property south east of Bunbury and boasting 20 sheds.

‘The Park’boasts the largest collection of heritage items in the Southern Hemisphere, along with some of the best “re-builders” and “restorers” – usually retired cockies enjoying life in what, for them, is the best Men’s Shed going.

Read the full story here.

Shire targets more referees

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Do you want to be a referee? The theory course is available online at 苏州美甲培训laws.myfootballclub苏州美甲培训419论坛. Once completed you can go to 苏州美甲培训ssfra.org419论坛 and book a practical course.No one does football quite like the Sutherland Shire Football Association.

The football-mad region has been strongly linked with a bid for its own A-League team, while growth of the sport at the grassroots level has seen the SSFA grow to become the biggest football association in New South Wales and the biggest sporting association in the state.

With 26 clubs making up the association, it is a good time to get involved in football in the Shire, but if there is one area that the association would like to see even more growth, it is in the number of referees available to them.

Chris Young, President of the Sutherland Shire Football Referees Association, said the Shire boasted a fantastic number of referees with just over 300 registered referees, but said they needed even more than that to keep up with the sheer amount of fixtures on the weekend.

“We have good numbers, but we always need more because there is just so much football being played on the weekend,” Young said.

“We get referees to the vast majority of games, which is an outstanding effort given the number of games we have to cover, but we can always use more.”

Young said refereeing was a great way to turn football froma hobby into an income.

The referees association is very accommodating to players who want to continue to play their club football as well as take up refereeing.

Young said you might even find that taking up the whistle is a great way to make your way into the W-League or A-League.

“That pathway is always there, but it’s a great way for locals to make a bit of extra cash from the sport they love,” Young said.

“We have junior fixtures on Saturdays and senior fixtures on Sundays so there is always somewhere for you to get involved.

“Some of the referees that started with us have worked their way up and gone on to referee the PlayStation 4 National Premier Leagues NSW Men’s competitions.

“It’s a great inclusive environment that can teach young people a variety of life skills that will serve them in all walks of life.”

So, how do you get involved? Young said it was as easy as taking an online theory test before signing up for a practical course, which the SSFA runs in February and March in anticipation for the upcoming season.

Inquiries: [email protected]论坛.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲培训.

Britain set to sail into the world, but huge problems remain

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London: We still don’t know exactly what Brexit will look like.

But after Theresa May’s no-holds-barred speech on Tuesday, we’ve at last got a very good idea of what it won’t look like.

It won’t look like what a substantial portion of the country was hoping for: a soft, gentle nudging of Britain away from Brussels.

Instead, May sang the Rule Britannia chorus, as this plucky country sets sail into the world – and its old empire – to become a trading superpower.

Dwindling in the background is Europe: a valuable economic and anti-terrorism partner, sure, but a stagnant one, with stifling bureaucracy, interfering judges and too many migrants who don’t count among the “best and brightest” that Britain actually wants.

May even had the cheek to offer some parting advice to the EU: loosen up, guys, she said. Try to celebrate your differences a bit more.

Oh, and by the way, screw us on the Brexit deal and we will shaft the entire continent by setting up the world’s biggest tax haven on your doorstep, even if it costs us our entire social safety net and health system, so there.

No wonder the French and German ambassadors attending May’s speech – sat next to each other by the Foreign Office in case they needed a friendly shoulder to cry on – were shaking their heads in anger by the end.

After wrestling for months with the alternatives, the government has decided to go for broke. Britain won’t be a Norway or a Switzerland, swapping some rights and powers for a slice of what the EU offers.

It’s out. Brexit definitely means Brexit.

The plan sounds simple – and there is no reason it’s impossible.

But it presents huge, prickly problems to solve.

Central to May’s plan is a free-trade agreement with the EU. Lacking that, stifling new trade barriers will rise between “global Britain” and its biggest trading partners. Even with the best will in the world (which, after that speech, there may not be), it would be remarkable if this ponderous, fractious continent could forge and strike a deal that satisfies everyone in even twice the two years that May allotted.

The EU’s trade deal with Canada, literally the friendliest country in the world, was signed in October after a last-minute debacle when ornery Walloons managed to derail the whole thing for a couple of weeks and needed last-minute concessions to come to the party.

That deal took seven years from conception to signature. And it still won’t come into effect until it’s been passed by every European parliament.

Then there’s the customs union. Britain has to be out of it, or it can’t do its own trade deals. But it doesn’t want to be too far out, otherwise it will add significant cost to the flow of goods and services to and from the continent.

The Prime Minister skated over the details for good reason: there’s no obvious way to achieve what she wants.

And then … May surprised everyone by conceding that Parliament will get a vote on the final Brexit deal.

When pressed, she didn’t say what would happen in the entirely possible scenario that a grumpy, Remain-stacked House of Lords, which can’t be threatened with an election, turns it down.

Instead she affected a breezy optimism that they would wave it through.

And then there’s the issue of EU citizens currently living and working in Britain. May said she wanted them to keep their rights. She didn’t say what rights, but presumably she meant the rights to work and live here.

It’s not hard to say, but it’s a nightmare to put into practical effect within two years: more than 2 million people will need to be given a visa, or a passport, or whatever. They will have to prove their right to stay, they will have the right to appeal: those in the know simply throw up their arms and say it would be impossible, or at least stunningly expensive.

And then … and then … and then there’s the Irish problem. Peace on that island was predicated on an open border between south and north. But it will now be the only land border between the UK and the EU, a line where the UK must police immigration and whatever new tariffs result from its new trade policy.

May said there would be a “practical solution”. In other words, there exists some way to have a border with new, strict controls on people and goods, but that also lets them through more or less like before.

It’s reminiscent of Fermat’s Last Theorem – a mathematical conjecture whose creator in 1637 wrote confidently in the margin next to it, “I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this, which this margin is too narrow to contain.”

Mathematicians didn’t manage to find this solution until 1995, 3½ centuries later.

Hopefully, the legal, political and practical hurdles raised by Britain’s Brexit plan – of which I’ve hardly scratched the surface – will be jumped one by one, knocked over or otherwise dodged in considerably less than three centuries.

But, to (mis)quote another British prime minister who had to deal with angry Germans: this isn’t the end, or even the beginning of the end, but only the end of the beginning.

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North West misses out

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The new Queensland Infrastructure Pipeline Report has no projects listed for the north west.The Palaszczuk state government has failed the North West again with the region missing out on any projects included in the Queensland Infrastructure Pipeline Report.

The new report released December 2016 by statutory body Building Queenslandprovides the government with independent advice on the infrastructure proposals that “best meet” the needs of the state.

However it doesn’t seem to meet to needs of our region with no priority proposals for the north west listed in the report.

The December 2016 pipeline of priority proposals includes 20 proposals of which eight are for areas outside the south-east corner –however all eight are based on the coast.

These include the Burdekin Falls Dam, Port of Gladstone upgrades, Port of Townsville channel capacity upgrade, Townsville Eastern Access rail corridor,andSmithfield transport corridor upgrade in Cairns.

In fact the North West is not mentioned in the report at all.

The only mention of Mount Isa in the report is in relation to the Townsville Eastern Access rail corridor upgrades which says theproposal is investigating the movement of up to 1400 metre freight trains via a new rail link connecting the Mount Isa Line and North Coast Line, through the Townsville State Development Area to the Port of Townsville.

Member for Mount Isa Robbie Katter said it was time for the Government to support Western Queensland and redirect its spending to the regions.

“It needs to be more than just recommending projects where the votes are in south east Queensland,” Mr Kattersaid.

Building Queensland says it prioritises the projects that will meet the needs of the state and deliver the greatest return which “requires not only robust business cases but a solid appraisal methodology that confirms a clear need.”

But with no mention of the strategically important North West Mineral Province it seems the projects are skewed towards Labor’s voting needs on the coast.

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Beef Week preview

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Advertising feature

What’s on at ShrublandsDuring Beef Week, Shrublands will display theirBritish White bulls, available for sale or lease,and first-cross calves. Thebreed is known for itsmothering abilities,heat toleranceand high carcase yield.

According to Caitlin Williams, the stud use British White bulls (pictured below) across theirAngus females as back up bulls, with the calveskeeping up with the growth of the Angus and meat quality exceptional. Last year, they foundfirst-cross British White steers produced a higher carcase weight than their purebred Angus paddock mates.

New stud sire on displayHeatherington Park Poll Herefords introduce new stud sire “Days Brigadier G101” by the great Allendale Waterhouse D1.

G101 was reserve senior champion at Dubbo National in 2013 behind the $95,000 grand champion. Brigadier sold for $40,000, and a son wonitsclass at Wodonga in 2016and soldfor $44,000.

Heatherington Park’s first son, Heatherington Brigadier L40, out of a Bowen Vincent V1 daughter, is available for sale on Day 3 of Beef Week. L40 weighed 437kg, when weaned at ninemonths, scanned + 98 for EMA and + 3.8 for IMF at 17 months, and weighed 846kgat 19 months.

Other rising two year old bulls by Allendale Robin Hood D194 and AI sire Yalgoo Boulder Z250 are also for sale.

On display will be weaner bulls andretained heifersby Brigadier G101, while other weaner Brigafier heifers will be for sale.

This advertising feature is sponsored by the following businesses. Click on the links to learn more:

High Spa Angus Stud

Stud Beef Victoria

Moora Studs

Shrublands Estate Angus & British White

Hetherington Park

Mt William Charolais

Woonallee Simmentals

The Woonallee ladiesThis year sees the return of the special ‘Elite Ladies Sale’ into the Woonallee sale program of Simmental based genetics that excel on grass fed performance.

The Baker family’s Woonallee Simmentals will be offering 40 registered females in a twilight 4pm sale on Wednesday February 8.

Both traditional and black females will be included, catering for the seedstock industry enquiry since their previous such sale in 2014.

“There will be a mix of ages, but predominantly young cattle representing all our latest successful bloodlines,” Tom Baker said. “Some will be PTIC to our top Woonallee sires, while young unjoined heifers will also feature.”

This will be a great supporting event for the feature sale, Woonallee’s 10th annual Elite Production bull sale the following day.

One hundred and tenbulls will be on offer from 2pm on Thursday February 9, when 40 traditional, 55 black and 15 SimAngus will go through the ring, catering for all beef programs and budgets.

Woonallee ‘Ladykiller’(P) has literally swept everything before him in the past six months to dominate the show-ring and while he is being retained, there is unprecedented depth of quality on offer right to the very end of the offering.

Leading the offering is the very impressive traditional bull, Woonallee Los Angeles (P), while the black offering is led by Woonallee Lamborghini (P), a bull as smooth, impressive and powerful as his car namesake.

The bulls and females look an absolute treat and in the great 2016 season Woonallee was able to fully express their renowned genetic potential.

The South Australian studbacked up its Adelaide all breeds bull winby taking out supreme beef exhibit at theRoyal Melbourne Show in September.

The selection policies and genetic selections in the Woonallee breeding program have a total commercial focus, enabling the Baker family to turn off young weaner cattle (such as the10-month-old heifers pictured) on a consistent basis, even in a tight spring and summer such as2015/16.

The stud’s field day for inspections will be on February 7, making for three action packed days in a row at Woonallee. Regular updates and full sale catalogues will be available on the Woonallee website at苏州美甲培训woonalleesimmentals苏州美甲培训.

High Spa’sbull focusHigh Spa will feature an outstanding selection of January to March/April 2016 born “M” yearling bulls on January 29, day three of Beef Week.Visitors totheir Daylesfordproperty are welcome between 9am and 6pm, where displays and information will be easily accessible and refreshments available.

A small selection of working age bulls will be available, alongside the recently selected group of yearlings. The 200-day weights of the yearlings are a testament to their pedigrees both on the sire and the dam side.

Among the featured sires of the yearlings are VAR Reserve, Sydgen Trust, Lawson’s Invincible C402 and High Spa Johnson J94 (of Coonamble Elevator). Reserve, Trust, Invincible and Elevator were featured in last year’s Angus Australia listing of 50 sires that have had the most progeny in Australia in the past twoyears, a popularity reflecting proven excellence in their breeding.

From High Spa’s viewpoint, the description of Sydgen Trust being a “sound and docile” bull are traits that are true and have been stamped on his High Spa progeny.Brian and Theresa of High Spa saw Trust for themselves at the Origen semen collection centre in Billings USA a couple of years ago and wereimpressed with how well preserved he was for his age and how beautifully quiet and proud he stood.

VAR Reserve has jelled particularly well with High Spa dams demonstrating his versatility; producing thick, fast growing bulls that already display heaps of potential. Also rubbing off on the young bulls is Reserve’s temperament; he is currently in the list of the top 100 Angus sires for docility EBV.

One of the yearling bulls sires High Spa is very keen on is their own home grown sire High Spa Johnson J94.J94 was considered so highly of he was collected before sale to use as an AI sire over High Spa cows he will compliment.He has done an outstanding job this year producing progeny with excellent growth, style and carcase. J94’s sire Coonamble Elevator is a trait leader for 200, 400 and 600 day growth and carcase weight and is in the top 1 per centof the breed for those traits in Australia.

High Spa has taken steps via the Pfizer Star program to ensurebulls will not introduce reproductive diseases into other herds.For more information, call5348 2357 or visit苏州美甲培训highspa苏州美甲培训419论坛

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