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Chaffey Dam upgrade not completed on time, report reveals.Who cares so long as it’s been done properly and on budget or as near as possible.

Jack Cutler

It was finished at the perfect time. It’s full.

Tania Thompson

And they will cry like babies if somebody does it to them. .. politicians need to realise they will learn more with their mouth closed and ears open.

Dale Kimball

A knife-wielding student threatening to kill their principal, one student attacking another with a pair of scissors – do we have a problem in our schools?No respect and zero fear of consequences are a huge contributing factor to the escalation of violence.

Vicki Jennar

Respect is taught when a child is an infant. Respect a parent’s authority, do as they are told, contribute to the family, contribute to their community. They learn it from their parents and others around them and it becomes ingrained in them. Also importantly they learn how to treat others by how their parents treat others. People should learn not to point the finger else where

Paul Chambers

Violence is symptomatic of a severe lack of trust between authority figures and their community. The students are understandably angry because they don’t trust the adults in their lives. Those adults also probably taught them very early that violence is the quickest and best solution to any problem you may have. There is a direct correlation between people who were raised with violence, including smacking, and adults who go on to be violent. We need to help students develop skills to resolve conflicts through non violent means and we need to re-engage their trust by not using humiliation strategies. To gain respect you have to model it. Problem is that too many adults just demand respect without actually demonstrating how to be a respectful person themselves :/you reap what you sow.

Bathsheba Smith

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Rainbow organisers call for change after weekend drug deaths

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Rainbow Serpent Music and Arts Festival organisersare calling for a fresh approach to recreationaldrugs lawsafter a horror weekend in Melbourne resulted in three deaths.

Three people died amid at least 20 suspectedecstasy overdoses which were recorded along the Chapel Street nightclub precinct in Melbourne on the weekend.

The deaths come just 10 days out from Rainbow Serpent’s 20thanniversary festival, which kicks off at Lexton on January 27.

Festival organiser Tim Harvey said the fatalities highlighted drug use was a nationwide problem, not solely with music festivals.

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TweetFacebook“We have to make it very clear that no drug is a good drug,” Ms Buccianti said. “Butthe discussion we keep having about pill testing facilities is one that should have been dealtwith because we know it works overseas.

“We know people are going to take substances, andat the end of the day nobody wants to come out of a festival or venue from a body bag.”

The cause has the support of the Australian Greens and the Australian Sex Party, however both major parties remain opposed to pill testing. Speaking in March 2016, Premier Daniel Andrews said testing illicit substances went“a long way” towards normalising drug use.

The renewed calls come after Rainbow Serpent drew intense criticism from police following its 2016 incarnation, where police arrested four people on drug trafficking offences. Forty people were caught driving under the influence of drugs when leaving the festival, while police also responded to four sexual assaults.

Inspector Bruce Thomas said police would maintain a 24-hour presence at the festival, and anyone caught in possession or dealing drugs would face the same consequences as in the community.

“Drug taking is always of concern but some of our emphasis has shifted to the very real problem of drug impaired driving from the festival,” Inspector Thomas said. “With approximately 7,000 vehicles on site, this area is of real concern to Victoria Police.”

Inspector Thomas said anyone caught handling substances as part of a pill testing service could be liable to prosecution under the Drugs Poisons and Controlled Substance Act 1981.

“Issues such as pill testing are likely to feature as part of The Victorian Government Inquiry into Illicit and Synthetic Drugs and Prescription Medication. This will be an important forum that will consolidate the evidence on how best to tackle the harms arising from illicit drug use and distribution. We look forward to the inquiry.”

Drug trial ‘only hope’

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HOPEFUL: Aaron and Taylor Adams with their mother, Kellie. The Kangaroo Flat siblings are first in Australia to trial a drug intended to help people with a rare disease. Pictures: NONI HYETTEvery two weeks, Aaron and Taylor Adams go to the RoyalMelbourne Hospital to have a needle injected into their spines.

A lumbar puncture might not seem like much to look forward to, butit’s part of a clinical trial the Kangaroo Flat family desperately hopes will improve the lives of people with a rare genetic disease.

The siblings are living withNiemann-Pick Type C Disease, which causes irreversible damage to vital organs because of cholesterol accumulation.

Aaron, 19, was diagnosedin late 2013. Taylor, 22, was diagnosed in May 2014.

The disease is presently incurable and patients rarely survive longer than 10 years from diagnosis.

When their mother, Kellie Adams, andAustralian NPC Disease Foundation president Mandy Whitechurch heard about a drug intended to slow the disease’s progression, they were determined to bring the trialto Australia.

So they appliedfor passports and flew to an international NPC disease conference in Germany.

“Vtesse wasn’t initially going to bring it Down Under, but they decided after talking to us and hearing our stories they would like to help us,” Mandy said.

Aaron and Taylor were the first trial participants in Australia. They received their first infusion on December 21.

Mandy remains hopeful the drug might be approved for compassionate use by her sons, Timothy and Matthew, who were diagnosed with the disease almost 10 years ago.

“I just hope it’s going to be in time for them,” she said.

Her children, in their late 20s,exceeded the age criteria for trial participants.

“I’m still advocating for it because I can see the good in it,” Mandy said.

“If it was my kids in the age criteria, I’d be jumping at it.”

Kellie’s two children and twoothers are involved in the trial in Australia. One childand their family have come from New Zealand for the opportunity to participate.

But Mandy and Kellieare fearful there might be othersmissing out.

They helped find participants for the trial’s extension to Australia.

“This is our only hope,” Kellie said of the drug.

“As a parent, when your child has a condition there are no answers for, you’re going to do everything you can for that child.

“I didn’t have any second guesses in taking part in the trial.”

Sailing school shines in flawless conditions

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Eyeing them up: Bob Harris (left) gets a good look at his opposition just after the start of race one at Wallagoot on Saturday.

Budding sailors got some hands-on experience with the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club’s sailing school on Saturday.

Organisers said training was free and inclusive to all as sailing is a sport for young and old.

Entrants were met with near-perfect conditions as a steady breeze and calm water made for excellent sailing.

The training covered the basics of leaving shore, keeping the boat moving, and returning to shore.

The club intends to continue offering free lessons every Saturday morning, so that more people can try their hand at sailing, with a spokesman saying it is a wondrousand joyful sport.

Organisers said it was great to welcome everyone along and share their skills ahead of regular competition racing on the water.

Seventeen boats contested two Pointscore races, in a steady South-Easterly breeze.

The spokesman said there was close racing throughout the fleet, with a lead group including the NS14s of Josh Dorrough and Tony Hastings, Rob Morton’s RS100 and Geoff Boulton’s Devoti D-One.

“This group was chased by the Laser radial of Gote Vikstrom, in turn closely chased by the Sabres of Terry Kirby, Neil Fisher, Wendy Miller and Bob Harris,” the spokesman said.

“We also welcomed the Caribou trailer-sailor of Brian Wright, Dennis trailer-sailor of Ian Curtis, and doing well to complete the course was Lily Fisher on the club’s Pacer.”

The Maricat of Terry Ubrihien and Windrush of Jeff Hope contested the multihull division.

Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough on NS14 “Superfly” won both races.

“We had the vang on tight, which helped us point higher than the other boats upwind, and then flicked the outhaul off on the reaches for depth of sail – which made us faster off the wind,” Hastings said.

Terry Kirby finished second in both races, sailing faultlessly.

Josh and Cassia Dorrough scored third in race one, while Rob Morton claimed third in race two.

Terry Ubrihien won both races in the multihull division after some fantastic racing.

Members thanked Ian Wood and Alan Holbrook for giving up sailing to act as Officers of the Day, running the races.

Officials said the first sailing session and race meet was a fantastic return to the Lake with members enjoying a few cold drinks in the club house after the racing.

Saturday will see the club host its next sailing school training session from 9am until noon with two handicap races to follow.

For more information please see the website wlbc.org419论坛

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Granville diasater: A day we’ll never forget

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Tragedy: The Granville train disaster in January 1977 claimed 83 lives.Tuesday January 18, 1977 was adaythe Bullivant family cannot forget.

The day started off early for the Bullivant family of Greystanes, they were on holidaysto have a rest from the heat and the 66 hour working week. They had closed their dry cleaning business in Granville until the following Monday.

Barry waiting to get his breakfast said to his wife June, “don’t waste any time this morning” you know we need to get to Granville to put acid in the boiler tubes and Dennis Roberts, the boiler inspector is very fussy. June was reading a magazine and told Barry, we did not have to be there until 8.30am, we had plenty of time.

They finally got moving, leaving the three children at home asleep, son Geoffrey in charge, it was Debbie their daughter’s birthday that day, she had married and as they drove down through “Hilltop” they discussed plans to hold a birthday dinner for her that night.

The trip took about 20 minutes, no traffic due to the school holidays and the hour of the morning. We drove along William Street past the TAFE College, and turned left into Lumley Street, for the drive over the bridge. Carlton Street was blocked by a yellow and black barricade. We were unable to proceed. June cursed the time she had spent finishing the story in the magazine. It was decided the only way to the factory was to go back to William Street and down Woodville Road and drive in the back way.

We were not allowed to proceed down Parramatta Road past Bold Street, the police on point duty told us to turn at Arthur Street, he told us that we were to park on that side and if we needed to go to Bridge Street we would have to walk in. By this time the radio had announced that the bridge had come down on a train.

Memories: Geoff Pearce, June Bullivant and Barry Bullivant at Pressmatic Dry Cleaners in 1992.

Upon arrival, we opened up the door, leaving it slightly ajar, with the thought of ringing the boiler inspector to tell him he would not be able to access the business, as he needed his tools, he decided to postpone the inspection. Soon people from the train started to look for a phone. They knocked on the window, asked if they could ring their boss to tell them they would be delayed.

We lost count of the people who we assisted to wash the blood from their skin, use the phone, and have a cup of tea, it was organised chaos until about 1.00pm, and we did not get time to see what had happened. Exhausted we returned home about 3.00pm, we were glued to the television; it was like a magnet, could not eat, just sat and watched the work of the rescuers. Birthday dinner was forgotten.

We were in the Rotary Club of Granville when in 1997 the 20th anniversary of the disasterwas due. A dinner to remember was organised by them at the Rotary meeting. It was decided to give Paul Harris Fellowships to Paul Touzell and Debbie Woodgate nee Skow they were survivors from the disaster who had spent twenty years raising money for charity. June also phoned 2WS and found the butcher who had pulled Paul from the wreckage Paul had not been back to Granville since the accident. Gary Raymond the rescuer of Debbie Skow was also there at the dinner.

The Rotary Club of Granville organised the luncheon in the Granville Town Hall for the people who attended the 20th Anniversary Memorial.

One of the survivors came up to us about five years ago, she showed us the ribbon she wore on the day and thanked us for looking after her on that day, and she described the sink that she washed in.

Barry and June closed their business in 2000 after 38 years, the started the Granville Historical Society in 1988, the society has a very large collection of resources and photos, some of which they will display in the Granville Town Hall onJanuary 18 to commemorate the 40thanniversary.